Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shaun Proulx's Young and The Restless Report Card!


Stop by our Y&R News Room to see what The Shaun Proulx Show's, Shaun Proulx, had to say in his new Soaps.com Blog!

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ok ill try to post this again,i hear amc alias Leo who once was married to Greenlee smyte is going to GC the young and the restless,ok how about he comes as a man who years ago lost his identity and starts a new life in GC working for Victor Newman and he saves a kids life or maybe spoiled as Abby and Victor offers him a job. by him saving her his photo is printed in the newspaper and Greenlee spots it one morning during breakfast after her and David make love,she sprints off to Fusion to think of how she plots to leave town without Hayward knowing,she tells him she has to meet with a new product manager for Fusion and she makes travel arrangements and cover her tracks so David wont follow her,but as Greenlee heads for GC david has spotted the newspaper she left behind and then he starts to call around but gets no info,meanwhile when Greenlee spots Leo she starts to follow him around,Leo is having flllashes of his life with Greenlee and for about a week of following Greenlee decides to confront him,she goes to get the aid of Victor Newman,she explains she is the past life of the gentleman who saved his daughters life. Victor is relieved he didnt want Abby with Leo anyways, Leo retires to his room when he unlocks his door,there waiting for him is the women he has been visioning..Greenlee,she runs to hold him and he embraces her,and calls her name..GREENS?! Leo its me dont you remember us..its me your wife!! ITS ME GREENS! he is confused for a moment soon they talk and some of his memory comes back..IM HERE TO TAKE YOU HOME HONEY, he then gets even more confused,she is a stranger to him even though she is his once beloved GREENS.. after about 2 wks of confusion weather to go back with her,he decideds he wants to see more of his past life with Greenlee and they plan to return back to pine Valley together,where a anxious David is going crazy wanting to know where his wife GREENLEE is! they return and Greenlee has a few family and friends gather for a lil party for Leo he is even more confused but is made welcomed!! soon alot of his memory returns,David walks in and runs to Greenlee ,Leo looks confused David starts to ask questions ranting and raving at Greenlee,in the long run Leo gives David a run for his money,Revenge for PineValley is taken for all Davids antics and dirty plots! he finally is outdone,but continues to convince Greenlee they belong together. its ok they are diffrent networks guys sometime you got to find new material to spice things up a lil! try it..try me im sittin here daily ready to write some hot materiasl for the soap opera world.