Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SOAPnet Night Before Party Part Two!

The SOAPnet Night Before Party was only a pit stop in the day of Soaps.com crew members, Shannon, Shaun and Christine. We love the people at SOAPnet and have a great relationship with them. Their event is a wonderful event and a great way for actors to chill out before the big day at the Daytime Emmys, but it was one of many things to do for me that day. This year, we ran late. I ran late, that is. My colleagues were ready and raring to go; however, I was stuck in our offices, which were a half hour's drive from our hotel. When we finally made our way to Crimson and Opera, we were content to relax before the onslaught of actors came down the red carpet. It was 109 degrees Fahrenheit, we were all melting and all the ladies' hair went flat, including my own. Sweat poured down our faces as we chatted up the soap stars. What, did you think it was all glam?! Glam is overrated! It's still worth it for us to get those of you who couldn't be there, the scoop and the photos, and of course all the insider information that you can handle, that comes out of these parties! Visit Soaps.com to read all the highlights from this event!

Photograph courtesy of
Shaun Proulx, ProudFM.

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