Thursday, June 5, 2008 35th Daytime Emmy Predictions: Part 1!

Every year the soap stars, soap fans and soap writers like to predict who will be nominated for a Daytime Emmy and then predict who will take the big win, come Emmy night. This year, is participating in predictions. While many of the actors and crew deserve recognition for their outstanding work in soaps, there can only be one winner of every group. We don't pretend that everyone is outstanding, but we also don’t believe in bashing those who made the grade when we may not have agreed with it. While we do this in fun, we secretly all hope that our favorite actors, actresses, show crews and shows will win the glory. To start of our first series of Writers’ Emmy Predictions, here’s what Days of Our Lives Writer and Editor-In-Chief Christine Fix and her Assistant, and One Life to Live Writer, Amy Mistretta had to say… Check it out at!

Photograph courtesy of
Christine Fix,

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