Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have You Ever Seen Your Life In A Soap?

Though everyone knows Soap Operas are a work of fiction, have you ever been watching your favorite soap just to catch yourself saying, “That happened to me…” Whether it be through an illness storyline, through one of those heartbreaking affairs or through one of the many other betrayals that consume daytime television these days… However, we can’t forgot some of the happy storylines of daytime, such as being reunited with a family member, falling in love with that special someone, or taking on the world for something you truly believe in. wanted to give fans the opportunity to come together to not only share
their stories but to let them be heard by other soap lovers with the hopes of passing along some comfort to those who have found themselves in the very same predicament – but are afraid to talk about it. We’d also like you to tell us how you overcame your struggle or grew from the life experience – whether good or bad. Find out how!

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